Healthcare Workforce Needs Analysis

The National Center for Rural Health Works provides in conjunction
with the National Center for the Analysis of Healthcare Data (NCAHD).

Analysis of PC need and specialty Physicians in MSA Population base analysis tool that generate a PC physician need (in FTE) and specialty physician need. NCAHD provides the specialty ratios used in this analysis.
Rural General Surgeon Created a procedure based needs assessment methodology that when integrated with population generates the FTE needed in a specific geography.
Emergency Medical Services Systems Development Tools and guidebooks have been developed to determine the profitability of a new or expanded emergency medical service. This tool includes an Excel spreadsheet to generate a cost and revenue analysis.


NCRHW is and will continue to be an important voice

The National Center for Rural Health Works is an invaluable resource to the AHA and its 2100 rural hospital members. AHA has collaborated with NCRHW for many years on multiple projects. For example, NCRHW was referenced in our TrendWatch, “Beyond Health Care: The Economic Contribution of Hospitals,” and featured in our two-part webinar series on the “Economic Impact of Rural Hospitals and Health Networks.” NCRHW is and will continue to be an important voice on the economic significance of rural hospitals to the communities they serve.

John Supplitt, Senior Director
American Hospital Directory Constituency Sections

Basic economic impact methodology could be applied to many areas

We originally partnered with the NCRHW to conduct economic impact of our new school, but soon realized that the basic economic impact methodology could be applied to many areas. We partnered with both NCAHD and NCRHW in our efforts to support our OneHealth initiatives by measuring the economic impact of both veterinarians and primary care physicians throughout our Appalachian region, which was a keystone tool/products that launched many of our other activities.

Jason Johnson,DVM, MS, DACT, Vice President and Dean
Lincoln Memorial University, College of Veterinary Medicine

NCRHW now a partner of VCOM

With nearly 60% of our graduates becoming primary care physicians and over 50% practice in a rural or underserved setting, our school fully appreciates the economic and employment impact our students and schools have upon the nation. With NCRHW now a partner of VCOM, we’ll share with faculty, students and stakeholders NCRHW’s vast resources through our vast education network.

Dixie Tooke-Rawlins, DO , Provost and President
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine